Delivery and Installation

To ensure a smooth installation we eschew the traditional “just in time” procurement model. We place orders early, we monitor progress and we have your furniture delivered early into our store. This means we can co-ordinate in ‘real time’ when your stock is delivered to site, so our deliveries can suit your installation. Your Account Director will assist in the co-ordination and will be on site throughout the installation of your furniture. 

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With the need for finished space ever increasing, we can provide layouts for landlords and their potential tenants. We will provide practical furniture solutions and we can also provide dressing packages that include pictures, plants and objects d’art that ensure the demise shows in the best possible light for prospective tenants.  


We work with our clients and their professional advisers to provide suitable furniture that meets the overall sustainability requirements. We will advise on the suitability of products and tailor our offering to suit both client and building sustainability drivers. 

We have a strategic partnership for the disposal of redundant furniture that includes, re-saleupcycle and recycling ensuring nothing goes to landfill. 


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